Hammer Down

a Film by Stan Lake and Daniel Charles

"Hammer Down" is an educational short documentary by former Army National Guard veterans Stan Lake and Daniel Charles, in association with Lima Charlie Productions and Deric Cook.

This film is an inspiring and thought-provoking look from soldier's perspective. It explores the highs and lows of reconnecting with long-lost "battle buddies", and civilian life in general, ten years after their return home.

See how these National Guard soldiers incorporated humor and filmed hilarious shenanigans "back in the day" while serving in Iraq as a way to cope with the stresses of war.

Follow Stan and Daniel on their adventure to track down and renew their friendships with their beloved comrades-in-arms. Through their own voices, these fellow brothers enlighten family, friends, and even other veterans why it's important for soldiers to share their individual stories.

Our hosts explore how they have "evolved" through their travels, and begin to grasp why it's so important to reconnect after all these years. By sharing their own personal experiences and educating those that haven't served in the military, we can see how this process can begin to heal those that have sacrificed it all for our freedoms here at home. Experience how the project 'Hammer Down' has unwittingly offered these particular soldiers and ex-soldiers the chance to engage in a new mission and purpose with brothers they would still lay down their lives for.